About Us

At Waistbeads Berlin we sell Zambian handmade waist beads. The sale of every string of waist beads has a positive economical impact on at least three women and their families. We are a black women owned label and want to hold femininity, sensuality and empowerment at the center of everything we do.


It all started with Kaddy and Sula. Kaddy being Gambian German mixed and Sula being Zambian German mixed, both of them celebrate waist beads as an integral part of their cultural heritage. Although both of them had been distributing waist beads as souvenirs for many years, time came to pass and one day, on one of her trips returning to Germany from Zambia, Sula and Kaddy had a very short but effective conversation about selling waist beads in Germany together.

It didn't take a lot of time and the two drew up a plan and set their dreams into action. Within two weeks they started to execute their plans and sold waist beads via Instagram, using it not only as a primary tool to market their product but more importantly to collect and spread stories, experiences, traditions and debates about all kind of topics connected to waistbeads, culture, tradition, the African diaspora, black identity and many many more interesting topics. All that very quickly turned into a brand and the two queens behind the scenes noticed that there was more to this than originally thought and started to realise the potential of the queendom. 

With every newly joining #WaistedQueen, the idea of empowerment, celebrating femininity and the exchange between Africa and its diaspora is manifesting itself in us and our clients and that is truly at the core of Waistbeads Berlin. Creating a community and celebrating the queendom with everyone who steadily contributes to this achievement.