Corporate Social Responsibility

Empowerment is important to us. As the great Chandra Talpade Mohanty said, "Sisterhood cannot be assumed on the basis of gender; it must be forged in concrete historical and political practice and analysis.” Although we might all share basic experiences of living life as a woman, we need to acknowledge that even in our shared experiences we live very different realities with different impacts, dynamics, definitions and foundations.


As such we would like to contribute towards the efforts of local Zambian NGO, Copper Rose, whose aim is to offer support, education and empowerment tools to women and girls. Focusing on reproductive and sexual hygiene, this NGO has had a remarkable impact and success stories with the help of reusable sanitary pads and workshops in both rural and urban Zambia. They offer seminars across the country teaching girls what menstruation is, how to manage it, how to prevent teenage pregnancies and offer family planning solutions, as well as help create reusable pads to allow women and girls in less financially stable environments to have a comfortable and hygienic menstrual experience.



Besides their projects focusing on menstrual and reproductive health, they also offer Women's Economic Empowerment Projects to help bridge the gender gap in monetary self sufficiency, education and inequality within Zambian Society both rural and urban. We would like to collaborate as an awareness platform with our GoFundMe Page dedicated to the initiative of Copper Rose. We gladly appreciate a donation to help empower women and girls to fill their potential to the fullest.

Find out more about the details of the projects we support on the Official Website of Copperrose.