Are you a trying to start a side hustle, already have a running side business? 
We sell our handmade Zambian waist beads at wholesale prices for entrepreneurs just like you! Build or expand your brand and add a fine selection of waist beads to your product range. We will gladly supply you.

Our Product

    • Several colour waist beads
    • Shipping at 60% discount for the first two orders
    • Financial plan tutorial
    • Social media & marketing workshop 
    • €250 total cost

Although this product is targeted at students, single parents and individuals who wish to make small to medium sized investments to diversify their income, we obviously also welcome already more established commercial clients such as retailer or afro shops.

Order Process

1. Once you fill out this application form. (Klicke hier für die deutsche Version)

2. We will reach out to you via Email to arrange an online Meet&Greet to discuss the details and content of our €250 start up box.

3. We will finalise administrative paperwork, payment and shipping together and then 

4. Give you a financial plan as well as a social media & marketing work shop to help you get a head start .


What do you say? Sounds good? That's what we thought! If you still have a few more questions feel free to reach out to us via email.